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Thinking of Tile Regrouting?

If your tile grout is crumbling or stained your first thought might be ’tile regrouting’.

But you can save money by cleaning, patching and recolouring grout instead of putting up with the inconvenience and mess of a complete tile regrouting project.


Residential & Domestic
Hotels, B&Bs, Bars & Restaurants
Property Management & Rentals


Using unique, specialist, patented tools and products we can quickly:

Remove mouldy silicone on baths and showers and re-apply new, anti-fungal silicone

Clean and protectively seal grout – saving money on tile regrouting and keeping it cleaner longer

Recolour grout – refreshing and changing appearance

Protectively seal tiles and grout using a specialist hydrophobic, grease and water repelling solution

Clean, restore and protect glass and shower screens from grease and hardwater stains

...and more

Does your sealant need replacing?

Often referred to as silicone or mastik, it’s not uncommon for this to require re-applying. This could be because your sealant has started to attract mould, or it’s no longer water-tight and leaking.

We can professionally clean and remove old sealant and replace it with new, mould-resistant silicone.

Appearances do count…

…whether you are running a busy home or commercial premises such as a hotel, B&B, rental property or retail establishment; if you’ve got tiled surfaces, a build up of stains on silicone, grout, tiles and glass are an inevitable problem.

Yet nobody wants their home or premises to look dirty or unhygienic – appearances do count. But at the same time, nobody wants to spend a fortune on retiling or regrouting.

NEW TO THE UK, there is now a cost-effective and practical solution.


The Problem

Tiled floors and walls can have their appearance ruined by unsightly grout lines and mouldy silicone. Grout is naturally porous and absorbs water, soap, urine, oil, body fats and the dirt on our shoes. This leads to discolouration and the formation of dirt, mould, mildew and an all-round grubby/tired look. Whilst you may be able to remove the above surface mould, it is rare the original, natural colour will return.

GroutGleam – Our Solution

The GroutGleam secret is in the tools. The tool is designed to remove the very slightest skim from the top surface, the dirty layer, thus taking away the dirt, any discolouration, mould and mildew, leaving an exposed fresh clean grout line. We then use the GroutGleam Sealant Pen to seal and protect the grout surface. Simple

Looking for a tile regrouting service?

Think again…

…theres a cheaper, cleaner and quicker way to remedy your grout problems.

No need to regrout your tiles, we can clean, patch and re-colour your grout using our compound that chemically bonds to the existing grout whilst also providing a seal against dirt, oil, grease, stains and other contaminants.

We have a choice of 9 off the shelf colours.

Shower Glass Restoration

Many areas of the UK suffer from hard water. Over time this frequently leads to staining of surfaces, most noticeably on shower glass. These limescale deposits and hard water stains can eventually work their way into the glass making cleaning seemingly impossible.

Our Approved Technicians, using a specially formulated compound that has been optimised for precisely this issue, can restore your shower glass to almost new condition.

If we carry out this service for you, we strongly recommend you consider our sealant/coating service to protect the shower glass and prevent the same issue from reoccurring.

As used on the World Trade Centre

Our industrial strength glass treatment products were sprayed onto the glass panels in a factory before the glass was installed into the World Trade Centre’s antenna steel frame structure.

The product chemically bonds to the glass substrate, transforming the glass into a high performance, hydrophobic surface, protecting the surface against staining and etching.

Other Specialist Services

We can also provide:


If none of our other services will solve your problem, we can regrout for you.

Silicone replacement

Over time, silicone can become tarnished and lose its effectiveness.

Tile replacement

Occassionally cracked or chipped tiles will need replacing – we can do this for you too.

Happy Customers

I can highly recommend Grout Gleam. Was considering re-tiling my bathroom as thought the grout was beyond repair. Glad I didn’t and contacted Grout Gleam instead. Received an excellent, friendly, and responsive service and after a day and half’s work the tiles are sparkling, the grout looks like knew, and all the silicone has been replaced. Really does look like knew and for a fraction of the cost, time and disruption of re-tiling. So pleased with the bathroom that getting Grout Gleam back next week to do the kitchen tiles. Thanks Andy!

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GroutGleam-Bath provides tile, grout and glass cleaning services around Somerset, including Bath and surrounding areas, parts of Bristol, Wiltshire and the Mendips.