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Shower Screen Cleaning in Bath

If you’re looking for tile regrouting in Bath or the surrounding areas, you may not require a complete regrout.

We provide a revolutionary grout rejuvenation service that includes replacing crumbling  or missing grout and recolouring discoloured or stained grout.

It’s CHEAPER THAN REGROUTING, with less mess and inconvenience.


tile regrouting in bath

We’ve been living in Bath for around eight years now. And in the last year been providing an alternative to tile regrouting in the Bath and surrounding areas.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some terrific customers in some fantastic properties in and around Bath.

And because GroutGleam is a relatively new type of alternative to tile regrouting, our customer’s in Bath have managed to not only save money on tile regrouting, but also reduced the inconvenience of mess along with the additional time and expense complete tile regrouting requires.

Our services are a form of grout rejuvenation that includes cleaning and recolouring of grout, bringing it back to new in appearance.

We don’t just provide this alternative to tile regrouting in the Bath area, we also replace mouldy and leaking shower screen and shower sealant.

 Just remember, if you looking for tile regrouting in the Bath or the surrounding areas, there is a cost-effective alternative solution that can save you money

The Problem

Whether tiled floors or walls, the appearance of tiles can be ruined by unsightly, stained grout lines.

Most grout is porous and over time will absorb water, soap, oil, body fats and the dirt on shoes.

This leads to discolouration and an all-round grubby/tired look.

Similarly, mouldy silicone or sealant can also let your tiled areas down – we can replace that too.

Whilst you may be able to remove grout surface stains, it is rare the original, natural colour will return.

GroutGleam – Our Solution

The GroutGleam secret is in the products and tools. First of all, we have a unique patented tool that is designed to remove the very slightest skim from the top surface of the grout, thus removing dirt, discolouration, mould and mildew.

For lightly stained grout, this is often enough to bring it back to life – all that is then required is our sealant that will protect the grout from further staining.

In cases of severe staining, where stains have deeply penetrated the grout, we provide an alternative grout recolouring service.

Our unique recolouring solution adheres to existing grout, forming a protective bond that further protects against staining and mould.

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GroutGleam-Bath provides tile, grout and glass cleaning services around Somerset, including Bath and surrounding areas, parts of Bristol, Wiltshire and the Mendips. This also includes the following postcodes: BA1, BA2, BA3, BA4 BA5, BA11, BA14, BA15, BA20, BS15, BS16, BS30, BS31, BS39, BS40, SN12, SN13, SN14, SN15.